Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazing Little Gadget

Grace #9: My Purple iPod

This past Christmas I received some "Christmas money" from my parents and in-laws. I knew instantly what I iPod! Santa had gotten one for my son Jack, and I fell in love with it. I adored everything about it, so when my windfall came I was thrilled. The day after Christmas I trekked out to Target (a daring feat, indeed!) with Jack in tow. He was along to "help" me with my purchase, and make one of his own. I knew without a doubt which color of iPod NanoChromatic that I wanted. Purple! My favorite color. (Yes, I know it looks blue in the photo. In some lighting it looks blue. I couldn't find the right lighting the day I took this. Er.) I adore my iPod. I like to listen to whatever music I want at just the touch of a finger. I like putting it on "shuffle" and being surprised with each new song. One of the reasons I have always enjoyed listening to the radio is that I never know what song is coming next. Now, with my iPod, all the songs are only ones I like. I like plugging myself into my own little world to walk my dog, vacuum the house, or cook dinner just by inserting the little ear buds. I also like plugging the iPod into my home or car stereo. Basically, I am having a ball with my new gadget.

The number one reason I am thankful for my iPod is that it is a new way for me to connect with my pre-teen son. This has been so important and vital to me. As with many males, my son loves electronics, gadgets, video games, etc. This is a world that is completely foreign to me, and one I am not at all interested in. However, being an involoved mom, I have tried on many occasions, and with many different media, to join my son in his world. I have tried to play his Gameboy, play Wii, etc. I have not been too successful. I have had such difficulty maintaining just enough interest to not appear completely stupid and inept. Out of self-preservation, and a need to not totally embarrass myself and him, I have always bailed out. NOW, with the iPod, Jack and I connect. We share music. We share tips on navigating the iTunes website. We introduce each other to new artists and songs. We listen to music together. This is not to say we don't have our bumps. He argues with me when he is not allowed to listen to some of my music because of
inappropriate lyrics. However, for the most part, this amazing little gadget has helped my son and I get just a little bit closer at this transitional time of his life, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Post Script: After my initial posting of this Grace, I allowed Jack to read it. As if to prove my point about our electronic differences, he implored me to please change the word Gameboy to Nintendo DS.

Me: Jack, it doesn't really matter.
Him: Mom, it does matter. They are not the same thing.
Me: Well, for my purposes, it doesn't matter. My readers will know what I mean.
Him: Please change it, Mom!

Two of the things I have learned as a mom are to choose my battles and honor the things that are important to my children. So, this post script is dedicated to you, Jack. I love you with all my heart!


  1. I, too, love my iPod - lime green for me. Next post for Grace: Why I love my son who is smarter than me. (Gameboy is SO not hip, Chel.)

  2. My husband and 11 year old son are just music freaks, and I love watching them connect over sharing music on the Ipod. I'm not as into it as them, but I do have one of my own. (Not as cute as yours, though!!)