Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tote this!

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Grace #4
I am grateful to be a mom who has so much to tote around. That need led me to this bag. I was in need of a new "purse." I actually purchased a black leather purse. I liked it. It held my stuff...well, some of my stuff. The fact is that I needed more than a purse. I needed a
tote bag. Most days, when I leave the house, I have to take notebooks or files or books or my camera (or all of these!) with me. Now, I COULD carry 2 bags, but let's face it, I am busy, my brain is crowded,
and I am getting older. Chances are I am going to leave at least one of these bags somewhere. Actually, that has happened. So I surrendered. I began to look for a tote, and
I remembered my friend S had a tote that I coveted. She got hers from Lands End, and gave me the "go-ahead" to copy her. (I didn't get the exact same bag. I chose a different pattern.) I was so excited when my new bag came in the mail. I love this bag. I feel so happy when I
see my new bag. AND, it's highly functional! It holds a lot and
has many inside pockets and a special strap to hold my keys.
I am grateful for my new tote bag!


  1. One of my Graces is Bloglines, as then I know when my friends have a new post. Love the bag!!!! I may just have to get myself one. You know that I can be good with my rationalizations with purchases.... the mom thing works well for me. Enjoy the great bag.